Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Breaking Ground, finally

Garage-Shop with 980 sf residence above

The day we break ground on a new project is one of my favorites.  When things go well its even better.  This project is one of those that feels especially nice to be underway.

Finally off the drawing board and through the permit process - this county added a whole new layer of bureaucracy that I haven't had to deal with before here...  These days it doesn't matter if how good your land is, if your neighbor has a well or wetlands or has designated habitat or septic system or any kind or County recognized designation requiring a buffer, that buffer extends onto your property too.  Essentially, you need to consider not only the building conditions of your own property you must also consider all of the surrounding properties.  If during any part of the permit process anyone finds a Bigfoot (Sasquatch) track in the vicinity that whole area can be considered habitat or a corridor and the bureaucrats can proclaim your property to be unusable (worthless) and  still tax you as if you could build on it.  I can understand the purpose but giving one person that much control to make black and white decisions in gray areas is going to make a rocky road rougher.  Unless you have money to fight it (yes money talks loudly to government - I see it over and over), you are saddled with whatever that bureaucrat says you can do.

Anyway, we can finally put the spurs to it!!!